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Jane Austen Gift Guide 2022 catalogue (Podcast Ep. 25)

It's that time of year again and I thought I would make this blog post to go with the new podcast episode of the same name.

We have tried to share a variety of options, but with an emphasis on small/local businesses. There are so many talented Janeites out there it would be great if you could show them and their business support.

So if you listened to the episode, here is your catalogue... enjoy!

Discount codes:

Haus of Bennet: whatthediscount for 22% OFF

Northanger Soapworks: IZZY10 FOR 10% OFF.

1. Jane Austen Character Tree Decorations

2. Ex Libris designs Austen Heroines & Tee

3. Jane Was Here Travel Guide by Nicole Jacobsen, Devynn MacLennan, Lexi Nilson

This travel Guide is often found in independent/small book shops. You can also get it on Amazon or in WHsmith. Follow the creators: @Janewashere

4. Haus of Bennet: Pride, and not Prejudice badge/pin

Discount buy x 2 for $5

5. Northanger Soapworks (IZZY10 FOR 10% OFF.)

Follow the creator @northangersoapworks

6. Claire and Clementine bookish stickers

Follow the creator @claireandclementine

7. A Jane Austen Tarot Deck by Jacqui Oakley

Follow the creator @jacquioakley

8. A Jane Austen playing cards by John Mullan


9. Haus of Bennet's "What are men to rocks and mountains?" Holographic Sticker

10. Well Read Company's Pride and Prejudice bags

11. WheatonsCloset Etsy: Regency Dresses

Jane Austen Regency Costume Style Day Dress Women (red):

Jane Austen Regency Style Day Dress Women (pink):

12. Penguin Clothbound Books

You can buy these as a set or individually, they are avaible in most bookshops in the UK and online for other locations.

13. Wordsworth Collectables

Local and independent bookshops are great at getting these in if you put a request in, otherwise you can find them on Amazon.

14. Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions

15. Vintage copies of Jane Austen’s novels

Places I have got vintage copies from in the past:

Hawkridge Books Bakewell, England

Eton Antique Bookstore Eton, England

Oxford bookshops In person or online

Oxfam bookshop in Lincoln, UK

(Books from world of books can really vary In condition so please bare this in mind).

16. Tea and illustration Stickers

Follow the creator @teaandillustration

17. Vivi at Home Studio's Jane Austen Themed Cutie, Kawaii Character Faces

Follow the creator: @viviathomestudio

18. Haus of Bennet: Regency cross neckless

19. Build a bear: Jane Austen build a bear from the Rebel Girls collection (US only as of 2022)

Extra notes:

The Jane Austen centre in bath have a gift wrapping option on their site!!

Everything we noted was available when we recorded the episode, but things obviously sell out or change distributers so please bare this in mind.

Happy Shopping xx

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