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About the Podcast 

What the Austen? Podcast is a podcast dedicated to analysing Jane Austen's work and is hosted by Izzy Meakin. Every other week Izzy, and a friend and fellow Janeite will analyse her novels and characters from the dreamy to the slightly strange (Mr. Collins we are looking at you), whilst making reference to the adaptions which have been inspired by her work. We hope you will listen in each month, and join the Janeite tribe as we have the best time laughing and talking about our favourite novels.

Izzy Meakin | What the Austen? | Jane Austen Podcast

A note from the Host

I wanted to create a podcast where Janeites could come together to analyse Jane Austen's novels, chat about characters, themes, and, overall, have the conversations we've been having alone in our heads for years.


For me, Jane Austen is for everyone, and I wanted my podcast to reflect that. I strive to make this space inclusive and welcoming to all, a place where we can share, change, and develop our ideas, all while forging lasting friendships.


This podcast has been a real labour of love from the start, and I am immensely grateful to all my guests and followers, who have become true friends. You've given me something incredible—a community—and I hope I have given you the same in return.

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