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The perfect Jane Austen movie night.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

What the Austen? | What the Austen | Jane Austen Blog

As so many of us are still stuck at home it can be hard to find fun and exciting ways to spend our time. So I figured a good way to start my blog was to create a guide to the perfect Jane Austen movie night. So clear your evening, and let your co-habitants know you will be taking some personal time… unless they are certified Janeites as well, in which case they can join.

Here is my guide to the perfect Jane Austen Movie night:

What the Austen? | What the Austen | Jane Austen Blog

1. You need the right attire…

A bonnet and ball gown is not necessary for what we are planning, although I won’t oppose If

you choose this option. My personal Austen movie night wardrobe includes comfy pyjamas and my Janeite jumper from Inkwell Threads.

Warm socks also fall in this category, I opted for some with Dachshunds on them. I couldn’t

find the exact ones I am wearing online, but I linked some similar below. I also found these amazing Jane Austen socks on amazon! I will need to invest in these before my next Austen movie night! Top it off with your favourite cosy blanket, and you're good to go… nowhere.

Amazon: Jane Austen Socks & Dachshund socks || Inkwell Threads: Janeite Jumper is from: @inkwellthreads |

2. A superbly featured room…

Pretty pillows and warm scented candles are a good place to start when making your space movie night ready. My favourite candles are Warm Cashmere by Yankee Candle, or my budget option is the jar candles from Tesco. They are particularly great because they’re the same size and shape as the yankee candle jars and so fit in the Yankee candle accessories.

3. A delightful companion

Image shows Izzy stood smiling wearing a jumper which reads ‘Janeite’, she is holding and looking at Teddy the Cavapoo

This step is a little more tricky with all the social restrictions in place in many areas. However, you can absolutely enjoy an Austen movie night, just you and your signed photo of Colin Firth… yes I’m in possession of such an item.

This time I opted to enjoy the experience with my trusty companion and fellow Janeite, Teddy! If you want to have a movie night with a friend who lives in a different household, I recommend using a platform like Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party) this way you can watch films together while still staying safe.

4. The evenings entertainment

As much as I love the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, it’s a lot of time to invest! So I

have picked two movie favourites. The 2005 Pride and Prejudice film is wonderful, and the hand flex scene is to die for. I also love Bridget Jones’s Diary for a modern day rom-com with Austen flare. This option is also good if you want your Colin fix and a good giggle. Both films can be found on UK Netflix at the moment, and they are easy to find on amazon.

What the Austen? | What the Austen | Jane Austen Blog

5. Exemplary vegetables?

Maybe not boiled potatoes this time… Sorry Mr Collins, but snacks are important. I have gone for popcorn, my favourite is Proper Corn Lightly Sea Salted it’s pretty low on calories, and I think it tastes the best. You can usually pick this up from most supermarkets. For a beverage, you can’t go wrong with a hot chocolate; although, I don’t know what kind of week you’ve had, and perhaps you will need something a little stronger. I think Bridget Jones offers some advise in this area [wink].

So these are my thought? Is there anything you would add? I would love to know!!

Izzy x

DISCLAIMER: Some of the links included in this blog are affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my blog and journey, I love making Austen related content for you guys.

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