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Free From Easter Picks

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

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This is my first Easter Dairy and Gluten-free, and as the Easter eggs started to land on the shelf I was getting a little emotional thinking I was not going to enjoy this season due to my dietary requirements. However, over the last few weeks, I have managed to find quite a few free from alternatives and so the Easter period can be as enjoyable as always. Please note that these are options that I am happy to eat, I must emphasise you always check the advisory information and take your own personal dietary requirements into consideration.


A great mini-egg alternative


The Doisy & Dam Good Eggs 80g bag and are available at Holland and Barrett or at Finding these made me so happy, I was such a big fan of mini eggs and these taste and look very similar.

The punniest Egg in Town

(Vegan | DF | GF | Soya free)

Moo Free Bunny Comb Easter Egg 110g this egg is available at Tesco and on Amazon. This is a great Crunchie bar alternative!

A Cadbury Classic

(DF* | GF)

Cadbury Bournville Easter Egg with Chocolate Bar 155 g I have seen this egg available in most supermarkets and Amazon. I love Bournville chocolate so I’m really happy they have an Easter egg.

*Note: As this egg is made in a Cadbury factory it may have come In contact with milk products.

The Sexy one


Plant Kitchen Eggplant Chocolate Easter Egg this option is available at Marks and Spencers. This egg seems to have caused quite the stir amongst M&S shoppers, but I am loving it.

A luxurious Egg


70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 150g. I love the quirky appearance of this egg. You can find this egg on the

The Beautiful Blue

(GF | Egg free | Nut free | Vegan)

Nomo Free From Caramel & Sea Salt Chocolate Egg 148G. The packaging is amazing, and so is the chocolate. This egg can be found in most supermarkets and Amazon.

Free-from Eggs range from around £3 - £15, and so if you would like an alternative to chocolate you could always go for a nice copy of your favourite book.

The Vintage Classics Austen series is such a great choice, as they are about the same price as an egg and the patterns have very Spring/Easter vibes so would make a great Easter gift.


DISCLAIMER: Some of the links included in this blog are affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my blog and journey, I love making Austen related content for you guys.

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