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Episode 30: Location, Location Pride & Prejudice properties fictional and filming @janewashere

Which Pride and Prejudice property would you live in? Companion blog (Pictures of the locations) is on the website. I am joined by the author Nicole Jacobsen and the illustrator Lexi. K. Nelson of the wonderful travel guide Jane was Here as we have a blast talking about our UK travels, how Austen describes the houses in Pride and Prejudice and if the screen writers got it right?

Inspired by the channel 4 program in which Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help house-hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location, but of course for my podcast it has a Jane Austen spin to it. Where can you find Nicole and Lexi? Buy Jane Was Here: An Illustrated Guide to Jane Austen's England by Nicole Jacobsen, Devynn Dayton, et al. Lexi's art website: Instagram: @janewashere


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