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Episode 29: Pride and Promiscuity: The lost sex Scenes of Jane Austen with Annie Harrison

Let's talk about sex... In this episode I am joined by Annie Harrison from the Amorous Histories Podcast.

Tune in to hear all things about Lizzy & Darcy getting it on in the bushes, Henry Tilney’s cupboard full of sex toys and Emma Woodhouse taking some ‘personal time’ before dinner…

The history of Sex in Regency England is as vast as it is fascinating. If you have ever wanted to learn more about London’s 18th Century Gay clubs, the surprisingly eco friendly condom (bow included), and whether women were really as oblivious as Daphne Bridgerton - this episode is for you! Please take my description as pre warning, I can't be held liable if you decide to play this episode in the office, on a school run or without headphones on the train... 😂

This podcast is about Janeites coming together, discussing Jane Austen's work, and having a few laughs along the way.

We really enjoyed making this episode and we hope you like it! Please follow and subscribe to keep up with all the upcoming episodes.

Where can you find Annie?

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