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Episode 25: Jane Austen Christmas Gift guide with Eleanor from @hausofbennet

Jane Austen gift guide 2022! So I thought this would be a fun episode to help you build your wish list or to give you some ideas on what to get a fellow Janeite. I am joined by the wonderful Eleanor owner of the Haus of Bennet shop @hausofbennet as we pick our favourite Jane Austen themed gift ideas for this year. Everything myself and Eleanor mentioned can be found here. I have added easy links and info for you there.

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Izzy Meakin 00:26

Hi, Janeites and welcome to episode 25 of the What the Austen? Podcast. It's December yayay So I thought a fun episode idea to do and something Christmas related kind of this festive season related would be a Jane Austen gift guide. So letting you all know what's available in the shops this year to buy and see whether you want some inspo of what to add on to your own wish list or if you want some ideas of what to get a fellow Janeite. Stick around because this will be the perfect episode. I am joined by the wonderful Elena from the house of benefits. So welcome, Elena. I'm so glad to have you with me.

Eleanor 01:02

Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to be here.

Izzy Meakin 01:05

Yeah, I'm so excited. We definitely we've been we've been planning this on for a little while, so it's good to finally get here. So and what I ask all of my guests is what got you into Jane Austen originally,


my mom and my grandma, both love Jane Austen and period dramas. So I grew up watching, you know, Anna Green Gables and Little Women and all that. And I think that the first exposure I got to Jane Austen was the LDS Pride and Prejudice adaptation. I don't know if you know what that is. Yeah, I've seen that. It's just a film a modern. I mean, it was like 20 years ago. So it's terribly dated now. But it was produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And that was like, the first time I ever watched the Jane Austen adaptation. But what really got me into it was when the 2005 Pride and Prejudice came out, and my mom brought it home on DVD. That was my, my exposure, and then I've been hooked ever since.

Izzy Meakin 02:13

Oh, my gosh, I love that so much. It's amazing. I feel like honestly, every time I asked guests this, everyone's like, he was my mom. And that was the same for me as well. I mean, yeah, thank goodness for like the moms and the Grands in our lives. Yeah. What we're gonna do is we're going to talk about different gift ideas that we both have. And we'll work our way down the list. I'll add some l&r Add some and yeah, that's pretty much how it's gonna go. Anything mentioned here today will be tagged in this episode's info, and I'll leave links wherever I can, in any extra information will try and cover up as much as possible. But obviously, you know, sometimes you have to do your own research, because I know you're all based in all over the globe, you know, that's gonna impact pricing, but also where people can deliver because some of them are smaller businesses. So just check on those things. But, you know, hopefully, you'll have a good selection of things that you will be able to purchase wherever you are. So the first one on my list was the Jane Austen felt decorations. And these are super cute. And you can get them from the Jane Austen centre, either in person or on their website. And the reason I picked this first is because I feel like this is a gift you can by yourself. And also obviously you can decorate your Christmas tree, which is always handy. So that's why I picked this one first. But these are so cute. I have a couple of them myself, you can get Jane Austen herself. And you can get pretty much all of the couples now. And they've also I just saw started to introduce secondary characters as well. So I think webcams just become available. So eventually, you can build up the whole novel in these felt decorations, and they're really nice quality as well. l&r, if you've seen these,


yes, they are so cute. And they look so like cuddly. I mean, I don't know if it would be normal to cuddle an ornament. But I would want to.

Izzy Meakin 03:57

Yeah, honestly, they are really nice policies. And I love having them on my tree because it's just nice to bring a bit of Jane Austen into Christmas decorations. I think so yeah. I really love having those. And I recommend them. I think they're a great choice. And they're a really nice gift as well. So I've had them in my stocking a few times from either my partner or like my parents, and I think it's a great stocking filler as well because they're quite small so they can fit in. So yeah, it's a good it's, that's my first one on the list as an option. There are around 18 pounds. It's probably about 20 Yeah, 20 dolls. They do ship internationally. I can pass it with you. All right, so


my first one is from ex libris designs. I follow her I've been following her on Instagram for a while, and she has a great aesthetic and she has a shirt and her website of the Austen heroines. So it lists like all of the main female characters from all of Jane's novels. And it's really really cool. Oh, you

Izzy Meakin 04:58

love that? So it's like a T shirt with all the names on them. It's


very, like minimalistic, but I think if you were to wear it in public, you know, janeites wouldn't know. Oh my god, they'd be like, there's another Janeite.

Izzy Meakin 05:11

You could like meet friends in public just because you know, you'd have that inside joke. Like, they knew what what your T shirt means. And I'd love that. Do you have any like Jane Austen clothing like with memes on or something?


I do. I made a shirt for my website, but it's not on there right now, but I plan to put it back up soon. And yeah, I like to wear it out.

Izzy Meakin 05:30

That is so cool. I got a uh, Jean is a G night jumper. He's like a couple of years ago now but I really love that one. I do really what I've done with it though. Honestly, like I must have lost it in a washer. Or something. I can't I've not been able to find it fly for me so I'm gonna have to get another one because I really did love wearing that.


You know my clothes disappear too. I think dryers like to eat clothes.

Izzy Meakin 05:55

Sevenly thing is probably true. And you know jumpers, T shirts, layers all good for Christmas time. So yes. So the next one I have is a good gift option is the travel guide Jean was here. Now if you follow me on Instagram, you see I share this all the time. It's honestly one of my favourite things in the world. This book is beautiful. So the illustration and Senate are amazing. But what it is great for is it shows you where the filming locations were in the UK and you can go and visit them. And it's amazing because one you've got this beautiful book that you can like look at in your spare time and like dream about the places you can go to but then it's also really informative because it tells you where places are. So I love that one on my bookshelf. And I think that'd be such a nice gift to open like Swan wrap that under the Christmas tree and it's just this beautiful travel guide. I just think that'd be such a great gift.


I've seen that online and it looks so beautiful.

Izzy Meakin 06:52

Yeah, literally it's so so nice. And the great thing about it as well something that I realised and I actually like emailed that by the email I DM the the authors when I saw this. It's available in small book shops, particularly in the UK. But considering the authors are based over in America, I reckon it probably be found in Independence a small book shops there as well. So yeah, which I love. Because I you know, I mean, if you can, I mean it's great to shop in independent bookstores and something that I have been doing as well like, if you can't find it is you can always ask them to buy things in. So yeah, and if you live somewhere where maybe not close a bookshop, this is definitely available on Amazon, all the big book shops as well. So you can definitely get a hold of this easily.


Yes, it's so cool. I think I've seen it too in an independent bookshop in my city. It's hard for me to shop at independent book shops because I live in a really small town in the middle of nowhere. But I really try really hard to do it. Yeah, it's

Izzy Meakin 07:47

such a balance, isn't it? At the moment, it's quite easy for me because I live so close to London. But yeah, where I grew up was a really small town so it was hard then for me to get to like independent ones who love ordering online which I get guys you know, sometimes that is the only way to get things in and you know what Christmas is a little bit of a rush isn't it? Trying to get the Yeah, definitely. I do get that this one is really affordable as well is around like the 10 pound range. Somewhere in that marks really affordable Christmas gift. I think this is such a lovely one to buy a friend. It's just such a pretty good.


Yeah, and even if they're not like a Jane Austen fan, which, what's what's wrong with them? If they aren't? No, I'm just kidding. You know, if they just like travel and like England and all of that, it could be really beneficial to them. So

Izzy Meakin 08:35

know exactly, even if they're like just a big fan of stately homes. This is like such a good one to pinpoint in them. And also, it's great if you're a Jane Austen book lover, or a Jane Austen film, TV show lover, you know, it kind of works both ways. It's not book specific, nor is it film specific. So it's just works in a really nice kind of middle zone. So yeah, that was the second one on my list. If a gift, I'll pass it back over to you.


So the second one on my list is actually one from my own website. House have been and it's the pride and not prejudice button pin. And it's it's become probably my best seller on the website, which I didn't exactly see coming but I'm really excited about that. And I noticed that a lot of people were buying it in pairs, mostly mom and daughters wanted to wear them together, which I thought was really cute. So I do have a two for $5 option on there. And same thing with the honorary Bennet sister button pin that I have.

Izzy Meakin 09:39

Oh my gosh, I love that. I'm not surprised that she'll best sell I knew I have bought one funny story guys because you will know Kaylee anyway, so I bought one it got delivered to Kayleigh and she was gonna bring it to me when she came to visit and she forgot it. Unfortunately. There was something she I think she's gonna just post over to me now but yeah, it was really funny. because we were talking about it today, like, obviously before she visited, and then she got here and she was just like, I forgot. Yeah, I'm sorry. It was on my bedside table that I still forgot. That's okay. You know we roll. But I can't wait to get a hold of mine because they're really really cute. These these pins, so yeah, I think that's such a great gift. Such a good stocking filler as well.


Yeah, it's because it's really nice and small. And it's really affordable. So, yeah,

Izzy Meakin 10:26

no, I love that. I love that mums and daughters have been buying it together. See, I told you Yeah, mom daughter bonding thing Jane Austen is


Yeah, I got an email from a mom that was like my daughter and I want to wear these together. And, and I noticed that a lot of other people were buying them in pairs, like people I talked to on Instagram. And I would ask, like, Who are you wearing this with? You know, like, a partner or something. And they're like, oh, no, my mom. So I just thought that was really touching that.

Izzy Meakin 10:55

Don't that is that's so sweet. I love that so much. And so you've got a deal on them that people can buy two at the same price.


Two for $5 Yeah. Amazing.

Izzy Meakin 11:05

Oh my gosh, new brain guys got to get one of those visual hopefully your friend like oh, just to be matching or for your mom, which is clearly the what a lot of people are buying it. Awesome. Great. So the next one I've got on my list is honestly such a firm favourite again one that I've bought and use myself and that is this soaps from North Angus soap works. You may have seen Laura's stuff on Instagram. She does really cool reels where she shows of like how she makes the so yes,


it's like I'm so mesmerised by those real like watch him for like five minutes. I'll be like, this so

Izzy Meakin 11:39

addictive, right? I ended up going on like a tangent where I'm just watching loads of great marketing technique right there. Yes, yeah. So these soaps I really love. I've had a few in the past myself. I think I've had Pemberly and Northanger Abbey, but honestly, these soaps are incredible. So not only do they smell good, and honestly, the textures are amazing, but they're all Jane Austen themes. So you can get one like I had that was called Pemberley there's one that's called obstinate headstrong girl obviously after the Lady Catherine quo and the shelves in the closet. True like Mr. Collins vibe. So yeah, and also Laura has some great seasonal options as well. Each season she has new releases. So especially if you definitely do want to get these for Christmas. It's worth checking out her Instagram page and her website which I'll I'll link all of that below to see what she's got out at the moment because some of the seasonal ones are great as well. So yeah, I honestly I don't know if you've ever tried these have you Elena, I haven't. But I really want to write this so pretty. Like it's not you. It's honestly it's incredible. Even down to the packaging. The whole thing is just stunning. I was like blown away when I got my package through.


Yeah, and it's such a creative idea, like who would have ever thought of like soaps, but Jane Austen themed like, not me.

Izzy Meakin 12:56

Right? But yeah, I'm just like, I need this in my life. It's amazing. And if you do want to buy from this page law is very kindly offered my listeners 10% off. So if you use the code is 10. So that's I said that why 10 You will get 10% off your order. So even better, you know, you get some money off and you can still get the good. I think it's your go again.


Yes. So the next one I have is Claire and Clementine, which is an Etsy shop and it was actually the first Jane Austen stickers I ever bought. Her shop is on vacation right now because she just started college. But maybe it'll be open by the time this episode airs. And she has so many cute stickers that are Jane Austen themed and like some like pet stickers, so I would definitely check her out.

Izzy Meakin 13:48

Oh my gosh, I love that. I feel like I need to get on this stick of I see so many pretty Jane Austen stickers around. And I just I've just thought like, all 20 Yeah, but I, I think part of me is just like, I don't know what I do with them. But at the same time, I'm like, I feel like I could stick them anywhere.


Yeah, yeah, that's the great thing about like stickers is you could put on your water bottle or your laptop. Bikes, bumper stickers all that. Yeah.

Izzy Meakin 14:12

Hold spotless. Such a good call. Oh, my goodness. Okay. Yeah, no, I definitely need to supervise them again. That's another great stocking filler was that I knew people sometimes struggle with stocking fillers. And I just think if you've got like, your partner or your family member is a gene I like adding some Jane Austen themed stocking fillers in is such a vibe.


Yeah, because it's so like, specific, but also easy to find. So it's like so cute.

Izzy Meakin 14:40

Exactly, exactly. And also, like I said, like a lot of these are small businesses and it's really great to support either local or small businesses at Christmas time. There's such like amazing creative people out there and they really deserve the hype. So even though some of these things are obviously a little bit more like mainstream and you can get them everywhere and We have tried to add in the small businesses obviously Elena yourself. You're a small business owner in Yeah, yeah. Great. So are you ready for me to give my next one? Yes. Okay. Okay, so the next one I have on the list is kind of twofold. So I'm going to give two options because I knew the first might not be for everybody. So the first choice is the Jane Austen tarot cards. So I have these and oh my goodness, they are the most beautiful tarot cards I've ever seen in my life that absolutely stunning and the illustrations are just like they blown your way. Or you probably seen on Instagram. I'm always like snapping photos on them because they're just not pretty. And obviously, I mean, I personally, I do like to use tarot cards. So for me, it's like a practical choice as well. But I knew tarot cards aren't for everybody. I would say if you're not against tarot cards, they're a great one to have in, just because they are like, really nice illustrations of all the books and would make such a fantastic presence. Again, they're not too expensive. I think they're maybe around 1820 pounds. So not that expensive. It's all and it's such a nice gift to unwrap. So yeah, that's, that was like my first one. But then, on the other side of that, if Terkoz really aren't your thing, which I know they're not for everyone. And then the Jane Austen playing cards, again, is a beautiful card set. Obviously, it's just normal playing cards, but they've got amazing illustrations again, so I really recommend that they're a little bit more cartoony than the tarot cards, but they're equally as stunning. And yeah, I just love that, you know, busy Christmas time. You always want to play games with your family and stuff. So if you want to play card games, why not use the Jane Austen set?


Yeah, I actually have both of those things. I got the Tarot deck, and I just got the playing cards from a friend for my birthday. And they are both gorgeous. And I mean, they're the tarot cards are so pretty that like you could frame them literally, like they're just that beautiful. And I've spoken to the illustrator Jackie on Instagram a few times, you know, just like friendly exchanges, and she is so nice. She's so talented.

Izzy Meakin 17:09

Oh my gosh, absolutely. Yeah, she's absolutely lovely. And I really recommend follow her on Instagram, because she shares some of the other works that she's doing. I believe she did the Jane Austen, one of the Jane Austen colouring books as well. So yeah, I really recommend checking her stuff out. It would be you have both of them as well as me. That's so cool.


Yeah, yeah, they're great. And I love that the Tarot deck is like, it's so positive for a tarot deck, because some of them can be like, so like scary, you know, like, but these are all like, positive even, you know, the cards that are like the tower or whatever. Like the words associated isn't like Doomsday, like terror. It's like, positive and yeah,

Izzy Meakin 17:50

no, I totally agree. And I like the all the colours are really light as well, because I think sometimes her cards can look a little bit like dark and dingy. Yeah, I looked at these ones that kind of like all like bright pastel colours. And yeah, they're just like really peaceful to look at. I actually got them from my birthday, I think a couple of years ago now. And then I actually use them. I had some friends over when we did like tow regen. I can't remember what else we did, but we did basically you're just like a chill birdie class, we have pizza, and we just did tarot cards and stuff. So I mean, we use that deck. And it was it was a lot of fun. Yeah. And you got it for the birthday gifts who clearly great gift. I got it. It works for Christmas as well, guys. It's a great good. I would say this is a good one to wrap into the tree. But the plane cards would definitely fit in a stocking. Oh, definitely. Yeah, absolutely. And the playing cards are a little bit more. I think they're around like seven, seven pounds, I can't remember for sure. So they're a little bit cheaper. You know, if you wanted a card deck for somebody like a friend, or they're quite good, if you don't know if the the entire cards, the playing cards are really good option because they're still really pretty and still Jane Austen themes. And it's just you know, as a little bit of a tweak the normal playing card deck, which is really cool. You can pretty much get both of these anywhere on the internet. So, um, they're pretty accessible. I will hand it over to you for your next pick.


So the next one is a sticker that you can find on my website again. And it's a holographic sticker that says what are meant to rocks and mountains. And it has this really cool illustration of mountains and like the sunshine and all of that and it's holographic. So it's like this rainbow iridescent look. And it's really it's my second best seller and it's a really, it's really cool. I'm really proud of it.

Izzy Meakin 19:36

Oh my gosh, that sounds awesome.


Yeah, and it's one of you know, the most iconic quotes from the book and film so I think it's definitely one of those things where like, if you see it out there, you'll know that the person that has it is a J Knight, you know what I mean?

Izzy Meakin 19:53

Yeah, yeah, I love that again. Yeah, it's kind of like one of those like inside things like maybe they'll know that the characters but Are they going to know the quote, so I feel like you'll be able to, you can shoot him with the other genomes, when you get really specific stuff like that. I love it. Has anyone shown you like where they've put it like any of your customers, if they sent you photos of what they've done with them?


Most people put it on their water bottle. Um, some people put it on the back of their phone case. So that's really cool, too. That is cool.

Izzy Meakin 20:23

That's such a good idea. Yeah, absolutely. Oh, even like, if you have a MacBook, I know some people put stickers on their Mac books and things. So you could definitely pop it on there. I can imagine as well.


Yeah, and all the stickers on my website and Etsy shop. They're all waterproof and weatherproof. And they won't bleach in the sunlight. So. So it's really, you know, if you want to put it out somewhere where there's going to be more elements, you don't have to worry about it getting damaged. So

Izzy Meakin 20:49

does that mean that you fill up everything? I love it. I was actually thinking about that. But my water bottle, I was like, Oh, I'm gonna clean it. But answer the questions. Absolutely.


The stickers are dishwasher safe. And I've used it. I've tested it on my own time. So

Izzy Meakin 21:03

oh my gosh, they can go in the dishwasher.


Yes, it's really cool. I wasn't too sure. The first time I did it, I was really nervous. But then they came out and they looked great. And I was like, Okay, I held my breath the whole time. I was like, oh, geez, oh, geez.

Izzy Meakin 21:22

You test her real time. You don't just telling people you know, you know, it works. So yeah. Okay, so the next one I have on my list is a little bit more expensive. And I would say it's definitely a bigger gift. For a partner, or maybe a family member, I would say I mean, if you like to spend more money on your friends, it could work for friend as well. But that is the well read company's Pride and Prejudice to hold a bag, you could probably use it as a clutch as well, because I know this strap does come off. But this is amazing. So this is like in the style of the 1813 peacock version of Pride and Prejudice. And it's like a wearable bag. So it's incredible. And I actually have the purse version that goes along with this bag. And it's really nice. The quality is incredible. I actually got that for for a gift. I think it was at Christmas time. So I know that it's a good gift that's definitely appreciated by Jeanne and it's really really pretty. I think it's ranges around like 60 pounds. So it is on the little bit more expensive side. But this is such a an amazing gift to get somebody so you know they can carry Pride and Prejudice around with them. There is I think all of the other novels as well maybe maybe it's just Mr. Incense sensibility on the site at the moment, but I just particularly picked out the Pride and Prejudice one because I know that obviously is a lot of people's favourite and peacock edition is so like renowned. So I thought that you know, it's such an awesome gift to get.


Yeah, I've seen those online, and they are gorgeous. They are so stunning. And that peacock design is obviously super iconic. And I can't even look at peacocks anymore without thinking of Pride and

Izzy Meakin 22:56

Prejudice. Right. So if you're in the UK that actually do have a shop, I'm trying to remember is, I think maybe the outskirts of London, I don't know for sure I'll add their website on. So if you are in the UK, you might be able to visit the actual shop. Otherwise, they ship internationally. So wherever you are, you can use that website to get to get one of these over to you. So that's that's awesome. You know, I think it's your go again, unless you want to add anything else about the bag.


So my next one is one that I got myself. It's a dress from we ins closet on Etsy. And she, she or he I don't know, they do amazing Regency dresses that are really really affordable. And the first time I bought one from her I honestly thought it was a scam because it was so affordable. But when I got it in the mail, it definitely wasn't a scam. I don't know if you've ever looked for Regency dresses online, but they can run really, really expensive. So these are really affordable. They're really cool. They're more of the like the practical dresses. They're exactly like the ball gowns right now. You know they're more of the everyday wear but they're really great. They come with the accessories like political sash and the little like, I can't think of the name but you know, like the little white things like the Regency girls would shove in their cleavage.

Izzy Meakin 24:19

I don't know what the cool bide you know you're on. Yeah. Original chicken villas.


Yes. So it came with all of that. So I really recommend that shot that Wheaton closet on Etsy. That's incredibly

Izzy Meakin 24:32

and you actually sent me a photo of their page and it looks so nice. I do you can believe it when when I saw the price I was like unbelievable. That just looks so pretty. It's crazy because like you said they they they sometimes are like you know hundreds and hundreds of pounds. It's you can spend a lot of money on it like a regency style dress for sure. Yeah, I thought I was gonna


have to spend like $400 on a regency dress because I was looking for like here like two years I was looking for like the Perfect Regency dress, and I thought, Okay, I'm just gonna have to save about $400. And then I found the dress that I got from Wiens closet and I was like, hallelujah, like I heard the choir in the background. I was like, Thank you, so,

Izzy Meakin 25:13

oh my gosh, that's such a great fine. So I'm gonna tag that obviously below. And if you're looking for a regency dress, Elena may have just saved you lots of money and you're still going to get an incredible dress. So yeah, that's such a good find. And that will be such a lovely gift to get to, to get someone you know, especially if they've got plans to go to maybe the bath festival next year, or just a bowl in general. That's actually such a such a lovely gift to get somebody because it's something you'd have to spend a bit more money on. So sometimes it's best to get those things for like birthdays or Christmas.


Yeah, yeah. Or maybe you just like to make tiktoks in your bedroom like me. We're in Regency Yeah.

Izzy Meakin 25:54

You know, we're here for that as well. It's absolutely fine. That's why you need on do it for sure. He's your how many Regency dresses Do you have? Do you have that one that you bought that time? Or do you have more?


I have one that's technically Regency that's you know, official Regency but I also have another one that I got it goodwill. Do you have Goodwill's in the UK? Because they're like a charity shop? I think I'm gay. Yeah. Yeah. And I got it, too because I wanted to be Miss have a sham for Halloween, because I'm kind of obsessed with Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. So I use that as a regency dress. And most people don't call me out on it. So I guess technically I have to but I only have one that's like technically in the Regency empire waist style.

Izzy Meakin 26:39

Oh my gosh, I'm fine with that. You managed to get your your costume in charge. I love charts shopping guys,


by the way. Yeah. And it was like the day before Halloween. So it was really inexpensive. And it was it's this gorgeous wedding dress. But it was like only $6 Because it gets it's a little outdated. So

Izzy Meakin 26:57

oh my gosh, fine, though. That's awesome the day before Halloween, as well. That's amazing. So the last thing that I put on my list was different editions of Jane Austen's novels. So I always think this is such a great gift. If you're like me, and you're collecting like different sets, I have so many unfinished sets. It's just just how I'm going at the moment. I just started loads of them. And then I you know, I'm still struggling to finish them off. I need to that would be great. But so one of the ones that I put on is the world's worst collector's editions. And the reason I picked this one is because that's really really pretty, but they are so affordable. Oh my goodness, you can get them online and most places I think even Amazon might even sell these ones on their website, I will tag it below, they actually stay of all the places that you can actually purchase these from. I think I've also done it in the past for these ones is I just messaged a local bookshop and I said can you get these in for me? And they did and they didn't even charge me extra to get them in. So check your local book shops because that might be an option where you can kind of order order in some books to them. So yeah, and honestly, they're really really pretty and as I said they look amazing. And it doesn't just stop as as Austen collections either you can get I think Secret Garden Alison Wonderland Dubliners, there's absolutely loads of these ones. So you could go in a bookshelf full of this collection. Have you seen this class?


I probably have. But I can't place it right now.

Izzy Meakin 28:24

Let me get one and then you'll be okay.


I'll probably be like, Oh, that's sorry. I

Izzy Meakin 28:29

like basically my pyjamas. This is how I roll for the podcast. Guys. I just put my pyjamas on. Me too. I'm okay. So this is like one of them you may have seen and then this is the AMA these Oh yeah, those are gorgeous, pretty. So I think these ones cost me like five pounds each, maybe six pounds tops. Incredible foods are really pretty collection. And if you're like me, and or if you're in the bookstore at Graham community, and you you know, take photos of books in different styles, then, you know, these are really good pick to go for they will make such a great gift as well. You know, if you've got a friend who's a Jane Austen fan, but you don't have that much money to spend on gifts, or if like if you're a student, I remember when I was a student, I had no money spent on gifts. So if I did, you know, I still wanted to get people something that they would appreciate. And that was the quality but this is a great choice really is. And it's also a good add on as well. So say you've got somebody a bigger gift. Maybe you just want to get a little bit of something extra. This is a great choice, you know, five, six pounds.


Yeah, they're really stunning. And I've seen them on Instagram and they just they're like, Instagram perfect. Definitely.

Izzy Meakin 29:41

I've seen the Ellison ones a loved one as well. And I think I really need to get one of those and because they are so that one's so pretty as well. And the secret garden looks nice. So that was the first one out of the book chases. If you're willing to spend a little bit more, I would say the Barnes and Noble Ones like we were chatting about before. And those ones are really pretty and they're kind of like The mid range price. Yeah, I would say that's a good like second choice that is over options like the penguin clothbound editions and it probably if you're in the UK that's quite easy to get those ones. So if you can't find any of the Barnes and Noble Ones, Penguin clothbound editions, I think in the same price range. Have you seen either of these ones? Oh, no.


I have I don't know if I know about the penguin clothbound ones. And I just think a

Izzy Meakin 30:25

book is always like such a nice gift. And usually you can get like an edition, a Jane Austen edition, under 20 pounds, which is really nice, great quality. Like we're talking about one that you probably do read, but you just have on display. And I just think such a lovely, lovely gift to get and you can even get somebody's favourite if you know which one is their favourite. You can buy their favourite one. And I think it just has like that extra special meaning. Yeah, especially if they're not a Jedi Knight yet,


but you know, they love to read. That's also a great one too, because I don't think anybody's ever read a Jane Austen novel and was like, I wish I hadn't read that. You know what I mean?

Izzy Meakin 31:00

So true. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. Really, what we're doing here is we're telling you well, to just get anybody so that we can get more people into the community?


Definitely, we need more Janeites.

Izzy Meakin 31:11

I was always emoji nights in the world. So yeah, and then the in the same obviously area of books. If you've got even more money to spend and you want to get a really special gift for somebody more vintage edition. So like I was saying a nick in the past has bought me I've got one that's 1902 I've got some that are 1950s and 1960s. And they're illustrated versions. So this is honestly such a nice gift if you have a little bit more to spend and obviously the older the book the more money they are, but this is like such a fantastic gift if you know somebody's True, true. True. Hard and fast. Jane I an older copy is a lovely gift to get somebody


Yeah, that's so I would be over the moon. If somebody got me like a vintage edition of Pride and Prejudice or some sensibility I would be so excited.

Izzy Meakin 32:03

Um, do you have any like older copies? Or have you kind of stuck with more modern ones so far?


I have more newer ones because I like to get them at the thrift shops and the charity shops. But I do have kind of an older version of AMA. That's part of a bigger series called great books.

Izzy Meakin 32:21

I'm looking at it right now. That's


why my eyesight like working down. And it was actually my husband had to read it in college. So it was actually his copy. But yeah, I think that's probably the oldest copy I have a is really nice.

Izzy Meakin 32:34

Honestly, it's the best thing in the world though if you stumble on an old copy in a charity shop so when I was at uni we used to have this is an Oxfam bookshop, so cherish shop, but just for books down the road from us. And they I found a Mansfield Park, I think it was 1950. And so cool. Literally got it for one pound 50. There wasn't a note that it didn't have a date. And so I had to do the research to find out how old it was. And I think because the date wasn't stated in the book, they didn't know how old it was. And so it was it was 150 and I was like, what a win in life.


Yeah, no, that's one of the moments that you you live for as a gene. I

Izzy Meakin 33:14

like to just be able to find a vintage copy like that. I know honestly, so good. That bookshop in itself is really great. So if you ever in Lincoln, you should definitely go into the the Oxfam bookshop. But Lincoln in the UK, by the way, guys. Yeah, it's not a very well known city, but it's really great. So I recommend visiting there you ever do get the chance. So yes, a book. Any edition of Jane Austen novel is always a fantastic gift for Jane. I I'll pass Becky with you, Eleanor for you to let me know what ones are left on your list. There is


an account I follow on Instagram and I've talked to this girl in the DMS and she's so nice. her Etsy shop is called T and illustrations. And she is a very talented artist and she has stickers of her illustrations. And they look so cool. They look like they're vintage illustrations from like an original copy of Pride and Prejudice. Like they look antique. They look amazing.

Izzy Meakin 34:13

Oh my gosh. She draws them herself. Yeah, she


does. And I've she's always posting her illustrations on your Instagram and she is very talented. That's Teresa teen illustration. So

Izzy Meakin 34:26

let's do cool. See, you can get all kinds of stickers so you can have ones that got more motivation get ones with quoth he get these ones that are like kind of more of an older style illustration.


Yeah, she's Yeah, they're phenomenal. They're definitely on my to be purchased list soon, because they had stickers in the region sear and they would look like this. So I love it. That's one reason. And then my next one is also stickers. You can tell I'm kind of a sticker Holic and this is another person that I met through Instagram. The Etsy shop is Vivi at home studio. And I was looking at her shop last night and she has these stickers that are in the Kawaii style. I don't know if you know what that is. Yeah. And they're of the famous couples from Jane Austen books. And they're literally so cute. So the ones I just mentioned were like old style. These are really new style. And then the last one I have is another one from my website. It's the Regency and Victorian cross, I was doing a lot of read because I'm a big jewellery and nista a big jewellery Holic, and I was reading the jewellery and the Regency in the Victorian and the Georgian era. And mainly in the regency era, women just wore cross necklaces. So you can really see this and the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries, they're almost exclusively all wearing across necklaces, especially Jane Bennett, and I replicas on my website, and I'm probably gonna have a lot more by the time this episode airs. And they're really some of them are really small, some of them are really big. And of course, if you're giving them to someone who's like religious or Christian, it would also be a great like, double meaning gift to.

Izzy Meakin 36:19

Yeah, that's so true. Like it can either be like, obviously, if you're, it's got like religious value for you, then that's great. It's like a double whammy. And if not, then obviously you can use it when you're like, if you do if you dress in Regency attire times, it's a great like add on just to kind of make things a little bit more accurate to the time period because I agree, like in that 1995 version, also in the BBC version of Mansfield Park, finding price obviously, cuz she gets that as a gift. You see that a lot on her as well. It was I think she gets the chain as a gift. But she wears this, like her cross all the time. So yeah.


Yeah. And they're really great too. Like, you know, you can wear it with a fancier dress, or you can just wear it with your everyday clothes, too. So that's great. I feel like we picked some

Izzy Meakin 37:04

really cool ones that I'm going to pull out some ones that we also did chat about just like behind the scenes and one of those you can't get in the UK. So I think that's probably why we were a little bit like not sure to bring it in. But it might be available in the UK at some point. So do you want to introduce Intro This on Elena?


Yes. So Build A Bear workshop, which is this, I don't even know how to describe it, like this little store that you can go to at a mall. And you like make your own bear. They have a Jane Austen edition. Because it's I can't remember the name of the campaign they're doing but it's like historical women basically. And they have they also have Marie Curie. So, but the Jane Austen bear is really really cute. And she's like holding a little note pad that says Jane's notes like it's so cute. A little warm.

Izzy Meakin 37:58

My little cold heart. Oh my gosh, there is like a T shirt on. It's like Oh Jane Austen's faces.


Yeah, it's it's me. It's really cool.

Izzy Meakin 38:08

Honestly, don't even get me started. I love a Build A Bear. So I'll tell you a little story guys. When it was kind of I think it's actually a few months into Munich dating. One of the first gifts he got me was actually a Build A Bear. So we went into bulls bear and he made bear for me. And he called the bear Austen like spell obviously like Jane Austen. I just think a build a bear such a great gift at any age, itself a Build A Bear. And honestly, if this Jane Austen one comes up, like even if I just get if they sell the T shirts separately, I'll definitely get a t shirt for my Austen. But otherwise, I'm definitely buying the whole bear. So yeah, it's not available in the UK at the moment, I will keep an eye on it. And if I see it, I am definitely going to tell you all elegantly I'm gonna build a base here. It's in the UK. It's been such a great to have you on the episode though, and, and everything. It'll be tied. It's below so everybody can find everything that we've mentioned. And yeah, thank you so much, Elena for coming on. I've had such a good time you.


Thank you so much for having me. I'm not really a podcast person. But I listened to your podcast because I love it so much. So when you reached out to me, I was like, This is so

Izzy Meakin 39:13

cool. Oh my gosh, I love that so much when people say that, to me really does make my day especially as well. If I can get them on his gas horse, your shop will be typed below I really recommend checking out on us shop. And I'll also have a coupon code too for you. So you could put in description. So if you're listening to this, you'll get a discount to you heard it here first guys, you will get a coupon code. It'll be in the description below. So yeah, make sure to check that out so that you can use it at the checkout. That's everything from us. We hope you have a fabulous Christmas time if you celebrate Christmas or any other festive holidays over this period. I know a lot of my listeners are celebrating all different kinds of things over this holiday. So just have a fabulous December and I will be back with a reflections episode that's still going to come out this year. And then that'll be it. We'll be wrapping up the episodes for 2022. And I will see you in the new year. So you can find me over on Instagram at what the Austen and I share a lot of Jane Austen content. Also, there's a lot of updates on what's coming out on the podcast. So if you just can't wait for the next episode, then yeah, find me over there. And you'll be able to see a couple of clips before the next one comes out. But that's everything from us. So thanks for joining us, and we'll see you in the next episode.

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