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April thoughts (i): Is it Lizzy Bennet or Lizzie Bennet?

Ok I don’t know if this is going to spark a heated debate, but this is something i’ve been thinking about… Lizzy Bennet or Lizzie Bennet?

Is it Lizzie Bennet or Lizzy Bennet? Elizabeth Bennet | Pride and Prejudice 2005 | Jane Austen
Elizabeth Bennet 2005 film

As you can imagine I’m partial to the ‘Lizzy’ spelling, which is some what narcissistic of me I’m sure, but it’s also the way I always remember reading it.

However - various blogs, Wikipedia, lots of insta accounts, the Jane Austen wiki, comments etc etc all vary in which spelling they use.

So I went back through every copy of Pride and Prejudice I own (I clearly have too much time on my hands) and they do in fact all state ‘Lizzy’.

So I am wondering where did this difference come from?

Is it Lizzie Bennet or Lizzy Bennet? Elizabeth Bennet | Pride and Prejudice 1995 | Jane Austen
Elizabeth Bennet 1995 BBC

I don’t believe its people who have seen the film v read

the book because I know a lot of very well read

Janeites who use the ‘lizzie’ spelling.

Is this just personal preference?

Does your copy have a different spelling to mine?

Is it different in American copies?

Maybe the first few publications are different to the ones we have now?

I am not saying it’s a big deal and I can certainly say I would continue to use the ‘Lizzy’ option even if it was the other (I totally support you doing the same, whichever variation) I am just curious. Anyone else?

My chapter reference for looking this up was: Chapter 27 or Volume 2, chapter 4. You can find the nickname referenced throughout the book, so you won’t be short on sources. You know incase you want to go through all your copies as well

Happy Lizzy or Lizzie hunting,

Izzy x

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